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Jasper had done a good job drowning out the world around him, but that meant that he hadn’t heard the other boy approach until he was right next to him. His wailing quelled as he heard someone very winded speak to him. The voice was friendly, at least, and recognizable. He took a moment to collect his thoughts before slowly lifting his head up.

He turned to see a familiar face crouched next to him. Henry. Another junior he’d shared a few classes with, and Jasper was familiar with his social circle. Their interests didn’t line up exactly, but they were similar enough to spark conversation. Henry was nice, funny, and very talkative. A true force of optimism.

And exactly the type of person Jasper wanted to be around right now.

Jasper sniffled and wiped his eyes on his sleeve. “N-not really…” he replied, flashing a forced smile in return. He slowly relaxed, taking his knees of his chest and letting his legs sprawl out.

“H-how about you?”

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