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She, that meant Georgia Lee Day, was without doubt very much way too close to Fiyori's face. It was uncharacteristic. Surreal, even. Fiyori's eyes opened more, as much as they could and yet they could only muster so little. They darted over GLD's eyes, over to her nose and her ear at the left and the right. She turned her head just a bit to the side. She mustered the sky and found it was gray. She mustered the surroundings and found nothing.

GLD tightened her grip. Fiyori felt the impulse to bite her face. She resisted it, though. For the meanwhile, at least.

Then Georgia Lee said something and Fiyori listened. She registered the words she uttered and for some reason they seemed even more surreal than anything else. Was that an aftereffect of the drugs in her blood stream, or because Georgia Lee Day was so unlike... her.

For a moment, Fiyori wondered. Wondered whether she just got it wrong and the girl in front of her wasn't actually GLD but...


Fiyori tried to meet her eyes. She managed it for a second. But then it felt as if her own eyes were drying out in seconds just by staring back at GLD and Fiyori had to averse her gaze. It fell on her neck at first, and that made Fiyori uncomfortable as well. So she just closed her eyes.

Fiyori raised her right hand. It was difficult. It didn't feel like she had used that mass of muscles and tendons for all of her life. It felt as if someone unpackaged a factory-new model and just tried to attach it at her arm.

The hand stroke GLD's own shoulder in passing, but ultimately took a firm hold on the hand with which GLD grabbed her shoulder. She meant to push her hand away, but alas, Fiyori forgot for one moment how she was supposed to do that.
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