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Mel frowned slightly when Cameron grabbed the pickaxe. She wasn't sure why, at first. It wasn't like she could fault her for making sure she brought her things along.

No, it was that it was a necessary thing, that it felt necessary to bring a weapon along to use in self-defense. Even if Cameron trusted her enough to shoot the breeze with for a few minutes, the thought unspoken was that there were possible adversaries out there, somewhere.

It made sense to defend yourself, she thought. Plenty of situations could call for it, like a mugging or a home invasion. Feeling like you had to defend yourself at any moment, though, from people you actually knew - that was the terrorists' doing, the situation they had created.

She resisted the urge to pick at the collar around her neck.

"We're getting 'out of here' out of here, not 'right out of the cabin' out of here, right?"

Mel left the room first anyway, finding herself back in the hallway. This time, she walked to the end, stopping at the top of a staircase. The ground floor stretched out beneath her, and she paused for a moment to take it in, before resting her bag on the ground.

"I suppose it'd be too much to ask if they'd left my mom's camera," she muttered. She raised her voice a bit for Cameron's benefit. "Gimme a moment to look through my bag?"
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