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Fiyori's eyes flickered open, and Goergia Lee felt a shock of relief. Her gaze was unfocused and her face seemed slack and plastic, like a waxwork under heatlamps. The girl was squinting, and her eyes looked almost absurdly tiny without being magnified by their usual spectacles. They looked lost in a face that, unadorned, now seem to stretch on and on forever.

Some mumbling venom came out of Fiyori's mouth, Georgia Lee didn't catch it, but the girl's tone, at least, was the same as always. It was a tone that Georgia Lee had always hated: knowing, superior, sarcastic. She always sounded like she'd told some unspeakably filthy joke that she knew Georgia Lee wouldn't get. Fiyori always seemed to find it the height of hilarity that Georgia Lee didn't see fit to accommodate half of Cochise in her bed, like this was some sort of ridiculous failing on her part.

Fiyori's voice brought back all the petty taunts, all the snide comments half-heard as Georgia Lee had walked past her in the corridor, all the jeering and mocking and horribleness that had been her experience of Fiyori Senay. In this foreign, awful place, it also brought back a strange sense of nostalgia. There was a normalcy about Fiyori's nightmarishness, even at a time like this, which carried with it a strange sense of reassurance.

Georgia Lee pulled her further upright. The girl was unnaturally light.

She'd never understood Fiyori's attempts to victimize her, and that had always seemed unfair to Georgia Lee, much more unfair than the actual cruelty itself. Fiyori's cruelty could be explained; she was simply that sort of person. As a lightbulb gives off light and a heater gives of heat, so did Fiyori radiate misery. It was inevitable that Fiyori would make like hell for someone, that was simply the path she had been set upon, but it had never made sense to Georgia Lee why that someone had to have been her.

Jealousy was the obvious answer, but it wasn't a satisfactory one. Fiyori was nothing, and there was nothing of value about her; by rights she should have been envious of anyone who could add, subtract and keep their legs together, so why would she pick Georgia Lee? It wasn't like she was an easy target, either. Georgia Lee took a small, guilty degree of pride in how well she'd acquitted herself, when Fiyori had decided to make her bullying physical. Georgia Lee was far from weak, and she was confident it showed.

The bitter, ugly truth, which she suspected but found hard to accept, was that it was most likely purely random. Fiyori had been inflicted on her not by anything she'd done, or by anything under her control, but by simple, stupid, unthinking fate. This, this was the unfairness of it all.

But now was no time for thoughts of past wrongs. Georgia Lee gripped the girl's shoulders tighter, the poncho scratchy against her fingers, and gave her another shake. It was, she realized, the only time they'd actually touched, with the exception of the brief fracas outside the library, which had been quickly pulled apart by teachers.

"Fiyori!" Georgia Lee moved her face closer to Fiyori's, to make sure that the other girl could make her out.

"Fiyori it's me, it's Georgia Lee. We're... look, we have to get out of here. I know you're scared and you're confused, but we're in a lot of danger here, and we need to get to someplace where people can't see us."


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