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Michael stood still, awaiting his handshake. When he realized he wasn't getting it, he lowered his arm, his grin fading. Damn, don't let the end of the world make you lose track of common courtesy for fucks sake...

"You know..." Michael shrugged for a moment; he'd lean his head back and pinch his brow. "When someone offers a handshake you kinda fuckin' follow through with it right?" Shaking his head he looked at Jerry. "Like damn man, don't leave me hangin'..."

Whatever, it really didn't matter, but holding onto small shit like that helped him hold onto what small traces of normalcy his suddenly shorter life expectancy had. He wasn't really serious with the whole handshake thing. It was just a mix of reflex and trying to lighten the mood. Weird sense of humor right?

He couldn't really get onto Jerry though, dude was definitely scared as shit. Hell, Michael himself was scared. Anyone would be in this situation.

But it was once Jerry stopped stuttering and put on the 'hard-ass' routine when Michael got his grin back. It was hilarious to see Jerry walk out scared-as-balls then turn a one-eighty, and pretend that he weren't scared. Michael understood how he felt. Pretty identical to be honest. Michael was just a hell of a lot better at hiding it. Then again from what little he knew of Jerry, he knew had almost no mean bones in his body. Made the whole I got this baby even hokier. Plus, it was a whole lot better to have someone who knew he was scared and tried to hide it with you, than it was to have some crybaby coward roll up in a ball rocking back and forth, right? That's what they call courage right? It wasn't the lack of fear, it was knowing you're scared as shit but you defy it anyways. Kind of an admirable trait. Even if it was done in such a goofy chucklefuck manner.

Least he knew he had a knife now. Not only that it was a fucking taser knife or some shit. Zap and shank. Fuck that's metal. Probably the most metal shit he's heard of since that one internet weapon that threw saw blades like a fucking lacrosse stick. If that made it on the island he was as fucked as a fuckboy on fuck night Fridays. Glad to have Jerry on his side though. Two good weapons, two badass motherfuckers. People already don't wanna fuck with Mike alone, and with his new buddy to back him up, well shit, he was all set to live through this thing until he found Jonathan. Speaking of which he-

Jerry interrupted his train of thought and spoke up about his bag.

"Numbers? Oh yeah, this fuckin' thing. Number eleven, shitty fuckin' number man." Jerry lapsed back into freak out mode on seeing the numbers. He wasn't wrong, we weren't people anymore, we're entertainment for a bunch of sick fuck bastards. When Michael got out of here, he was gonna have a lot of dick-ripping-off to do. Danya wasn't the only one who's going to feel the wrath of a thousand angry fucks all wrapped up into one kinda-medium sized fuck; as five foot eight couldn't necessarily be considered a big fuck, there was gonna be a lot of people to feel the maximum fuck of medium fuck's rage. Point at hand though, he couldn't have Jerry break, not yet at least.

"Hey." Michael brought his right arm up again, he didn't know why, felt like body language, maybe consolidation? "It's alright man, don't panic. We panic we're as good as dead." Michael kept his grin up, he really didn't want Jerry to flip his shit, to hurt himself, or worse, try to come at him with the shock knife. Couldn't have that.

"Listen, we just gotta, j-just gotta plan some shit out, okay?" Michael lowered his hand down a bit. "Plan something out, right?"

Might as well ask if there's anything he wants.

"You uhh, there someone on this island you maybe wanna find?"

Maybe he could help Jerry find his friends, and in return Jerry could help him find Jonathan and Darius. The three fuck-a-tiers needed their D'artigan after all...

I mean, some garbage plan is better than no plan right? Can't lose your mind doing nothing. Michael'd much rather spend his time looking for the people he cared about then pacing around in circles in some shitty cheap bar.

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