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((Alice Baker continued from Dirge for the Doomed))

Alice thought a lot as she quietly made her way to her intended hiding place.

She'd have to kill, should she be the last person standing. With her current strategy, she'd either want to escape, which of course assumed that rescue came, or, again, live until the end. She'd need to be prepared to kill; mentally, she'd need to develop the nerve to murder another living person whose name and face she might well know and see them bleeding on the ground-


She couldn't do it. The very thought of being that kind of person made tears come back to her eyes. She couldn't hurt someone. She felt guilty when she smashed a bug, for goodness' sake! All she could do was pray that somehow, some way, she'd go home. Maybe they wouldn't send her back if she asked nicely? Hah.

The asylum was creepy. It looked like something out of a scary movie, which Alice didn't appreciate given the circumstances. According to the map, the basement was where the creepiest-sounding places were. So logically, people would avoid them. Plus, they were secluded. Who'd find her there? It made sense.

The dusty halls and stairs added to Alice's anxiety. She wasn't being paranoid, really; there could actually be someone murderous here. If anyone else had come to different conclusions than her, decided they could kill, then...People always died in these things. From Day 1 there were always killers. Not just accidents either, but cold-blooded murder.

Alice thought that 'water treatment' sounded like the safest place, compared to the lobotomy and electroshock rooms, so she went there. As she pushed open the door, though, she discovered two important facts. One, water treatment was not referring to the treatment of water, but treatment WITH water, for the patients. Not so innocuous.

Also, the room was occupied, by tow people; Johnny McKay and Raina Rose. Now, she was not very familiar with these two. Raina in particular didn't look too threatening with her blue hair, and Johnny had a reputation of being...less than refined, but Alice wasn't going to bet on either quality as being indicative of their benevolence. So as soon as she saw the two, warped images of the pair's faces wearing expressions of sadistic glee as they moved in for the kill, flashed into Alice's mind.

With a gasp of surprise, the door slammed shut and Alice found herself sliding to the ground before she sat, back against said door, panting in fear. Soon, the panting devolved into sobbing.
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