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In Johnny Ray McKay's mind, he'd always been playing the game of life with a shitty hand. He'd been born poor, born ugly, born stupid, born lazy, and born in Kingman Arizona.

Johnny had long since given up on winning the game. All he'd meant to do was to stay in it as long as he could, and hopefully have a nice enough time along the way, get as many free drinks from the waitresses in the sequined one-pieces as he could. Now, life had taken the 2 and the 7 in his hand, it had torn them to pieces and it had set the pieces on fire.

Had Johnny been a petty person, it would have been some consolation that at least his classmates were equally fucked.

He splashed some water on his face, from one of the big baths in the dark, damp room that he'd woke up in. The water tasted stale, in a way that he hadn't realized water could. He wiped it from his eyes, then wiped his hands on his jeans.

Johnny had never spent much time thinking about his death. He'd had a vague sense that it could happen at any point, but that point had always seemed far in the future, and he'd never really turned his mind to the how of how he'd go. Looking at it now, he supposed this was something of a benediction. He wouldn't have wanted to go by surprise, Johnny decided. It was important, he thought, to know that your last days were your last. You could choose how you would conduct yourself, and make sure you'd be remembered how you wanted to be remembered.

You could get yourself right with God.

The first thing though, was to get outside. Johnny wanted to see where he was, see the sun, see strange birds in strange trees. He wanted to be in nature, not on this horror movie set. Nobody should die indoors.

There was a splash and a scream behind him, and Johnny jumped. He had thought himself alone in here, and the sudden noise sent his heart up into the roof of his mouth. For all his thoughts of being at peace with his imminent departure, the sudden panic that surged through him shamed him. He put a hand on his heart to steady his nerves, and looked for the source of the disturbance.

A girl had risen from one of the tubs.

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