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Hmph. Clarice really could not forgive him for suggesting to do the thing the terrorists told them to."We are not playing", he confirmed. But, like Isabel had said, surviving was important, indeed. Perhaps the three of them could become a group of sorts.

"We are up to..."

Conrad had to think of a reply. What were they up to?

"We have no plan yet. No clue what we are going to do. We will not play, we will try to be peaceful. Other than that? No clue. Absolutely no clue. You have one?"

While he spoke, he grasped his halberd harder. He was unsure what to think about the talking trash about him. Conrad hated it when people talked against him. He absolutely despises it. But it did not matter, did it? If Conrad had known that Isabel was talking behind his back, he would have...

Don't be angry. Calm down. Having a grudge against someone right now is not good timing.

Still, if one person is not honest and honourable, why would they be in this situation?
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