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Well, no flying bits of metal was coming at her, so she assumed that she was in the clear for now. It had taken her all of three seconds to realise that her sword had basically no point though, so she kept it low, whilst still being in a position to do something.

She stepped into the room, eyeing up the boy I front of her. Blonde, tall, probably a good six or so feet, and looked utterly overdressed for a science trip in an azure dress shirt. The weapon he was holding looked very strange, almost like a grooved hockey stick, but thinner and looked to be even more ridiculously useless for throwing things. Unless of course it had some hidden advantage that she was unable to discern, she should be fine.

To give credit where it was due though, she agreed with his sentiments. Both of the leaving without blood spilt, or hell, working together to make sure that the immediate future wasn't full of both of their blood would be a marvellous thing. Although, judging by the red drips on the weapon, he had already lost a little bit of blood, so there you go.

Those cuts though... Sure, it could be an older cut, but since when did those bleed? The weapon looked blunt, no way to slice anyone, so where had he gotten those? Her eyes flitted around, the gouge in the wall becoming obvious. Visibly scared, she raised up and sword and held it across her chest, hoping that whatever it was that thing could to, it would give her a change to either run or attack.

Maybe both.

Just as this thought had appeared in her head, she heard a scream. Jumping backwards, she became aware of another girl who had managed to approach unseen. "Fuck, fuck fucking shit fuck!" She screamed. Sure, it wasn't the most verbose thing to say, but there was few situations in which a stream of expletives didn't make some kind of impact.

She backed off, so that both of them were cleartly visible to her. The boy worried her, the gouge and the weapon worried her more. The girl currently coughing her lungs out worried her slightly less however, so she stayed put. With any luck it was asthma or something and she'd be fine after a few deep breaths.

"Ok, maybe we should... Calm down?" The words came out at a squeak, much higher than she'd thought her voice had ever had the capacity to reach, let alone say entire sentences in. Her hands were shaking, her heart was pounding, and she was very, very close to doing something she might regret. Gritting her teeth to seem a bit more in control, she followed up with a "please!?"
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