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Step. Step. Step. Al could trust Serena, but still the sound of her coming near him made his heartbeat beat faster. He would not had expected her to suddenly kill him, though that could have been a possibility. He also did not expect her to kick him with her feet to wake him up. It was not a kick, per se, but it still made him open his eyes again. He could not sleep anyway. Perhaps being awake and not thinking can get rid of the nasty thoughts he had.

He looked up to Serena. She had her pink t-shirt with the funny caption on. It was not funny anymore. Nothing will be funny anymore. She wore the shirt some times. It used to be fun. Back in school. Alessio now could recall her wearing it in the bus. She looked like she looked back in the bus. She looked like always. No, something was off. But who wouldn't be off with being on this situation? Alessio won't recognise his friends anymore, everybody will be off. Everybody has changed the time they woke up today, in this situation.


Good. Serena had something good. What can be good in this situation? She had to be lying. She could not have something good. Good what? Good news? What were good news? No news are good news, a song had once said. Good weapon? Al did not know what his weapon was yet. He did not want to know, though. Good. Al was curious.

"What is it?", his voice was quiet. He changed from looking at Serena, back to looking at the floor.
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