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Isabel breathed an internal sigh of relief, letting her muscles relax as the tension evaporated.

Almost immediately Isabel went back to her normal casual nature. Slinging her makeshift flail over her shoulder, she cocked her head slightly and responded "Yeah yeah, of course that's fair." while gesturing with her hand. Isabel walked up the small hill towards the others before stopping and sitting down a few meters away from them.

Isabel let out a sigh of relief at finally sitting down. She had been walking for a long while. Her endurance was great, but her muscles still needed breaks. "Anyway, I hope we can put stuff in the past behind us. I may or may not have said nasty things about the both of you while we were in school, I wouldn't remember." Isabel shrugged. "But now none of that's important. What's important now is surviving."

Isabel paused for a moment. "So, what are you guys up to?"

Isabel didn't really listen to their answers as they responded. Instead, she began to think and consider, while keeping her eyes on the halberd that Conrad was holding. She didn't expect him to use it, since putting on a casual facade and sitting down should make the both of them consider her a non-threat.

The crashing waves were just as loud up here as they were lower down the hill she came up from. Isabel listened to them as she thought. Maybe, instead of focusing on how she's certainly going to die, she can pretend that she's definitely going to make it to the end? That's the only way that she could possibly get out alive and regain control of her life. The worst would then ultimately be behind her.

But... if she did get to the end, she would have had to kill someone. Otherwise she gets thrown back into the next game. It would be an awful shame if she somehow managed to outlast all of her classmates only to not get a kill in the end and have all their lives be wasted for nothing. She needed to make sure she got at least one kill, and soon.

Isabel blinked. No, no, what was she thinking? Killing is wrong. Any victims would have wanted to live just as much as she did. She bit her lip slightly while she looked between Conrad and Clarice. Still, one of the kidnapped students had to make it out. Why couldn't it be her? Better her than some raging psychopath that would go home and get themselves killed shortly after returning like that Rizzolo guy or whoever. It would just be one kill, then she could just hide out and wait for everything to blow over. One kill and she could rest easy knowing that if she made it out she'd be free and could go on with the rest of her life, free of her parent's tyranny.

Isabel adjusted slightly, wanting to hit herself. Really, what was she thinking? She was trying to justify murder. If she could put her face in her hands over her own stupid thought processes, she would, but she didn't want it to be obvious to Clarice and Conrad that she wasn't listening. Best not to think about it right now. Isabel pushed it out of her mind and started actually listening to the two of them. Best not be too obvious about everything, no?

Still, the thought crept back into her mind. Murder isn't right. What would her parents think if they found out she killed someone?


What would they think...
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