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The girl finally made her move, it seemed, a bold one at that. He watched as she pressed down the handle and slipped out of the room without hesitation, her own duffel bag in hand. For a second, Maxim began to ponder whether or not he had just made a mistake. It would have been easy for him to knock on the glass, alert her to his presence. Though then again, doing so would have most likely only confused her more, seeing as she couldn't have known he was behind said glass pane.

Still, she was out of his sights now. Now what? For all he knew, someone dangerous could have been walking around outside of the room he was in. Probably not the girl, she didn't seem like she had any sort of murderous or even malicious intent, not at a first glance. No, but whoever had caused the loud noise not too long ago was still somewhere near them. Whatever it was that had gotten smashed, it certainly hadn't ended up like that without someone else's influence. Again, the possibility of a short fight having taken place could not just be ruled out.

For that exact reason, he decided he wasn't going to leave this room. It was almost pitch black, he could see anyone who'd enter the room on the other side of the glass without being spotted himself and most importantly, there was no reason for anyone to come in here. Sure, he himself had done so earlier, but only because he had heard noises. He wouldn't make any noises himself, definitely not. He'd just be holding out, let some time pass, enough to be sure that there wasn't some sort of madman stalking the hallways.

However, that also meant leaving the girl to her fate, possibly ending with her running into said potential killer. If so, that'd be a burden on his conscience, no doubt. Still, that was a gamble he was willing to take. He didn't know the girl, not even her name. She had decided to leave the room on her own accord, he could not be blamed for her decision making. Yes, whatever she did or what happened to her, it was completely on her. Though he still felt a pang of guilt, several in fact, he still wasn't willing to go out there and risk his own safety in order to potentially keep this stranger away from peril. He'd stay here, stay where it was safe.

His musings were abruptly interrupted by a noise, faint noises he could not immediately identify. Something was moving near him, no doubt. Was it the girl? Most likely, but he couldn't be sure. After all-

There, closer this time, the noises were footsteps, without a doubt. He turned towards the door, his eyes still not having gotten used to the darkness. It was enough for him to notice the person that had silently entered the room though. For a moment, his heart began racing faster, all he saw was a dark shape directly in front of him, moving towards him. It would have been prudent to speak up, move or show any sort of reaction whatsoever. Maxim, however, did none of those things and simply remained standing where he was, frozen in place; the fear he had wanted to avoid getting to him finally having taking its toll.

His momentary stasis was short-lived, however, as something that was clearly not the person bumped into his chest a mere second after. Uttering a mix of a gasp and a hiss, he staggered back one two steps, almost letting go of his bag in the process. He heard the other person cursing. A feminine voice. So it was the girl, most likely.

Having regained his balance, he continued to simply stand and audibly breathe for another few seconds. He stared at the silhouette before him, still not fully capable of making out all of the girl's features. He had to say something now. He had been discovered, now he had to play the card he had been dealt.

"Hey, hey. Don't be scared, yes? I'm just hiding in here, just hiding. All fine." Maxim held up one hand, intending for it to resemble some sort of reassuring gesture. Of course, he did not consider the fact that the freshly arrived probably couldn't even really see what he was doing with all the shadows around him.
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