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Cameron's head shot around to see Melanie Beckett standing in the doorway. She gave a forced grin, it probably didn't reach her eyes.

"Been better times." Cameron took another drink and swallowed it, returning the wave. Cameron knew a little about Melanie from school, she was into art, was pretty chill as a person. All in all there were worse people to meet after just waking up. She didn't want to meet Coleen or Vanessa yet, not before she had her wits about her. Not before she had her brain under control. Right now she wasn't much use to them, she probably would have been more a hindrance.

As Cameron looked at Melanie she spotted the pickaxe that was set down next to her on the bed. It must have been her weapon. Cameron stared at it for a moment before snapping her attention back to Melanie. She knew what the terrorists wanted her to do. They would have loved for her to pick up the pickaxe and drive it through Melanie's skull. She wasn't going to give them that though, not unless Melanie attacked her. Then...well...that would be dealt with if it happened.

"Assuming you've had a better morning?"
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