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How long had he been standing there? Five minutes? Ten minutes? Fifteen minutes? He wasn't sure. But he didn't want to stay there forever. There was a camera watching him. But what would he say? That there was a chance that he could kill someone? Or someone will kill him instead? He had too many questions in his mind that he knew were never going to get answered. So the best thing that he could do was go out there and find his friends. Just as long as they were alive. Alba, Maxim.... He was especially worried about them. He just had to be safe himself. Don't run into trouble too early.

Just leave, Brendan. You don't want to be in this place anymore.

Brendan rubbed a hand over his chin and he kneeled down, glancing at the number on it. Number thirty. Alright then. He had a feeling that he had to take the bag with him. He still didn't bother to open it up. He wasn't going to do that unless he thought that he had no choice. He picked up the bag and he got back up to his feet quickly.

Brendan gazed towards the doorway of the changing room and he suddenly felt uncomfortable. What if there was someone outside in the gym? He never even thought about that. He hated the feeling of being too nervous to leave. However, he didn't want to be alone for too long. He had to get moving.

He made his way up to where the doorway was and he peeked his head out to have a look around. But then his breathing stopped for a second. There was someone there. A girl heading in his direction. He took a step back into the room. Who was that? Why did he panic like that?
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