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((G050 – Vanessa Stone: start))

“Hellooooo? Anyone around?”

Vanessa Stone was strolling down the corridors of the staff area as casually as if she was back at school. Well, that wasn't entirely accurate: there was a deliberateness to her demeanour, a stubborn refusal to appear nervous that translated into a brash stride. She had her bag slung over her shoulder, holding the strap with one hand, whilst the other traced along the walls of the building. It was a locomotive "Fuck you" to the idea that she should be scared.

How was she supposed to react to this situation? Ok, yeah, that presentation had been terrifying as fuck, there was no pretending that wasn’t the case, but she couldn’t sit in a room curled up crying for the rest of her life. She got pissed, she didn’t cry. And right now, who was she even supposed to be pissed at?

Those terrorist fuckfaces, yes, they were worth being pissed at, and she had been very pissed at them when she'd first come to her senses. It was lucky for those fuckfaces they weren’t with her right then, or she’d have slugged them for good measure.

She probably would’ve gotten shot for her efforts, but fuckin’ aye at least she would’ve decked them first.

It was really hard to stay pissed, though, when she found a bag full of Maryjane in her duffel bag. It was so damn absurd, that she’d had to crack into a mad laugh.

So with that giddy thrill having put her in a simple-minded bliss, she’d decided to go exploring and see who was around. Because, fuck it, what else was she going ot do?

Were they going to try to kill her? Who the fuck knew. Was she going to try and kill them? Probably not. No, scratch that: there was no fuckin’ way. Or at least, she wouldn’t just stand there and think “yeah, I’m going to murder all my classmates. That sounds fun.”

She bit her lower lip as she hummed a frustrated hum. It was the best she could to keep it together.

As she strolled past the door to the staff lounge, she could’ve sworn she heard the tail end of Nancy signing off to her fans. Stopping, turning the handle and opening the door, she called in.

“Hello? Someone in here?”
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