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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah bit down on his finger as he heard a knocking on the door. He pulled his finger out of his mouth and let out a groan through clenched teeth. The person outside, a girl, said they were coming in and to not do "whatever it is your thing can do, aight?"

"Oh, like make an ass of myself?" Noah muttered to himself. "Wait. What am I doing? Cock!"

The girl was starting to push open the door. Noah quickly moved forward and grabbed the slinger off the floor. He didn't have time to put the blade back in, but the slinger looked like it could beat someone bloody. He really didn't want to beat anyone like how Pina Bucket beat homeless men in bum fights, but he wanted to at least make a point at whoever was coming in.

The door opened and Noah saw the girl standing there. She looked poured into her sweater, and it also looked like she had a sword. A long, curved sword. Great. He got the bladed weapon that required precision and luck to use, as well as upper body strength to keep the slinger up. She could just penetrate him until something poured out, like poking a dead raccoon with a stick.

"Uh, yeah," Noah said once the girl saw him, the slinger raised up like a baseball bat, "I'd really rather nothing stupid happen quite so soon. Is that cool with you?"
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