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The bag was stocked with the kind supplies Bridgette expected to get: rations, a first aid kit, and the like. A small booklet marked ‘Survival Guide’ caught her eye, and she stuck it in her pocket for later reading. She did the same with the map and compass. As she got to the bottom of the bag, Bridgette couldn't help but feel like something was missing…

...where was her weapon? She suddenly remembered that weapons were assigned randomly, and her heart sank as she realized that there was nothing in or near the bag. Maybe she’d just missed it? She poured over the contents of the bag again: bottled water, flashlight, toothpaste, all pretty basic supplies. Had they forgotten to give her one? Had someone come along and stolen it before she woke up? Bridgette’s thoughts and heart started racing.

And then she wasn’t alone anymore.

Somebody said her name very quietly, but it still made her jump. Bridgette swore that her heart stopped as she swiveled around to find someone standing over her. She recognized them immediately: Joshua Bracewell, a junior on the student council and a good friend of hers. Or was a good friend of hers, in a time long past, when they weren’t supposed to kill each other.

She felt herself freeze up as they locked eyes, but then he started crying. Bridgette slowly stood up, clutching the bag to her chest. She wasn’t sure what to do. Her mind was telling her to keep her distance, but she also felt a little bit of pity for him.

Bridgette just stared at him for a minute before finally replying. “...Joshua.”

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