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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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(Minor GMing approved)

It got quiet outside. Nadia knew that it was possible whatever was happening outside might have ended. Maybe the person had moved along to a quieter, less populated area. On the other hand, they could be patrolling outside the hall, waiting for someone to foolishly run out and be easy pickings. Nadia knew that she was likely that person if she barged out screaming her head off. No, the best thing to do would be to move quietly and wait for an opportunity.

She slowly moved to the door handle and cracked it open. The hall looked empty from what little she could see. She opened the door further, slowly pushing it further and further. Finally, she was in the empty hall, her duffel bag still hugged tightly to her chest. She glanced up and down the hall.

Next to her was a room with a door slightly cracked open. It was pitch black inside, so Nadia figured it would be safe to duck into there. After all, if they saw the room wasn't being used, they could just walk by. All she had to do was go in there and hide under the table until she felt safe enough to move out.

Trying to be nimble on her feet, she hurried to the door and pushed it open. She moved inside the room, assuming it was just like the room she was in. However, instead of bumping into a chair or table, she bumped into something much taller, slamming her bag against the chest of the figure in the dark.

"Dammit!" she hissed as she made contact with the person.

Of course, if she had that idea, why couldn't someone else?
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