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'Fear cuts deeper than swords.'
---George RR Martin

(Henry Spencer-V6 Start)

Henry was not one for regrets, but he could sure use a fedora.

After all, what was the point of having a cool Indiana Jones bullwhip without a fedora to match? Or like, khakis or something. Did he wear khakis? Henry couldn't remember. He had on a lot of beige, but since Henry hadn't seen the movies in forever and wasn't much for movie factoids it had slipped his mind.

How unfortunate.

The whip itself was hanging from Henry's hand while he walked down what looked like some form of wharf, possibly a harbor. There was some manner of warehouse a distance away, and what looked like a helipad. Henry's deductions were bolstered by the labels on the map, telling him he was at 'the docks'. The map had also indicated that he was on an island built to support some form of (probably) uninhabited psychiatric ward.

That was pretty awesome! It was like a horror...movie...yeah, a bunch of people trapped on a deserted island with an abandoned lunatic asylum. That had all kinds of potential. Coooool. And Henry was the charming, knowledgeable investigator who would save the day!

Henry's grin lost most of its luster for a moment.

Cracking the whip was an interesting task. He was familiar with the technique and physics involved, and had been delighted to discover that, after a few minutes of practice, he could reliably make the cracking sound by performing a standard 'loop' crack, or in a forward lash. That was pretty cool! Now he could...perform with the...the whip if...he wanted. Yeah!

The docks were fairly large, and Henry had been walking down the gangway along the water for several minutes when he heard a noise in the distance. Startled, Henry raised the whip, prepared to fight off any impending...ghosts if necessary. After a second, though, he realized it was someone's voice. They were crying.

Henry jumped into action, running in spite of the heavy bag he carried on one shoulder, until he spotted someone. Hey, he knew them! It was Jasper Busterman! He was nice, he liked fish and stuff. He was also crying on the ground. Maybe he needed help!

Panting slightly, Henry crouched next to Jasper's position on the pier, trying to muster up the respiratory stability to actually speak. "Hey...it's He...Henry. You okay?" Henry smiled at the other boy.
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