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Not likely to be dismemberment then, which was always good. She vaugley rcognised the voice, and she came to the split des ion that, for now, having another pair of eyes would be a good idea. she banged the hilt of the sword against the wall separating them, and called out "Hey! Coming in, don't... Do whatever it is your thing can do, aight?"

Judging by the cursing, the clattering and the loud noises that did not sound like gunshots, it sounded like the weapon he had was pretty damn complicated, or he was just a moron. Pushing open the door, he gave a soft knock before giving it a weak push from the side. If he tried to get the jump on her he'd have wasted the chance, and she would be in the defensive position.

Fingers crossed the first person she met wouldn't take a potshot at her to lower the competition.
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