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An asylum island, lovely. The whole thing seemed more and more as a joke as she got her bearings.

The island was sort of claw shaped with the asylum on the right side. According to it the library was on the left side, but she had a feeling that this wasn't it. A library in the asylum maybe? Something in particular caught Serena's eye. A vehicle depot on the other side of the island, it would be a long shot, but they had given her keys and it was better to check out than staying holed up here.

She looked over to where Al was lying, he had changed position. If she was going to make it out there she would need others for help, you never know who had snapped yet and deciding killing was worth it. Al wasn't the type to do that, she could trust him. She took hold of the map and walked over to where he was lying. She started nudging him with her foot.

"Al, get up! I got something good here."


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