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Survival of the Fittest.

The principle summing up the process of evolution in one neat phrase. The one to adapt the best to their momentary surroundings will be the one to pass on their genes. Fiyori did not mean to pass her genes on in any way. She did not back in high school, and seeing her teacher die and her fellow students chained to a deadly collar did not awake any desire to give birth either.

[[Fiyori Senay: Start]]

She wasn't sure why the fuck she was even thinking about that. If she were a bit more lucid, she would have blamed the drugs they... these fuckheads gave to the students. Either way, it wouldn't matter. The reality was the way it was and no matter what inane thought passed Fiyori's mind, her world had turned regardless.

She could taste the floor pressing against her nose and her lips and she was not sure what kind of floor it was in the first place. It was cold, yes, so far so good. The ground was cold, but so was the air around her and a wind went above her motionless body, tipping Fiyori off that she was indeed outside.

Fiyori tried to open her eyes, and she tried to move a finger or a leg or even her head but she could not. Yet maybe, or nevermore.

No, there was something. A feeling. She could feel something else. Something pulled on her, and she felt a pressure – a light and gentle one, almost pleasant even – on her chest. There were hands on her shoulders. No, really! Those were hands, and she could feel them so clearly.

Her eyes opened.

She saw nothing. Which was wrong because she saw enough and to be completely honest she did not like what she saw so she decided she saw nothing.

"Day's getting better and better."

Oh, good to know her diplomatic skills were still working.
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