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The odds, he thought, of bumping into one specific person on an entire island, with probably a hundred other people was very small indeed. So to find the one person he was looking for almost immediately after deciding to find them was such a minuscule chance that he wondered it'd Danya was fucking with them, toying with them for some bizarre reason.

The numbness that had spread over him seemed to fade a little as he saw her red hair and heard her voice. Sure, it was a quiet whimper that gutted him, but it was her voice, and that was defiantley something. He shuffled over next to her and sat down, the first tears threatening to claw themselves out from his eyes to splash onto the soft carpet.

"If you're the kind of girl that hates seeing men cry, then I'm sorry, and you should probably look away." His voice sounded strange, as if it was more distant. Quieter, almost meeker. Like his body was strangling itself as it realised his situation.

There could only be one winner, and that winner had to have killed someone. Either he or Rea was going to have to die in this island, the other scarred and a murderer. So, he thought, maybe crying wasn't such a bad idea.
You don't win the game of death by dying first. The name's a little misleading.

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