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He was glad she joined him. He wasn't sure why. Maybe it was the companionship. The knowledge that he could share what he was seeing with someone else. He was a social creature after all.

"I'm sure it would have been a great painting." Eventually the sun finished it's ascent and with it the time capsule the two seemed to be caught in ended; with a sigh Trav laid down on his back, turning his head to face the girl, taking in her features. They were sharp but her round eyes made her seem friendly enough. He turned his head back to the sky, the image of Mr. Graham getting shot flashed in his mind, followed by the video. Trav absently tapped his collar with one hand. The coldness of it would have been a good metaphor but Trav wasn't able to come up with one smart enough.

Instead he decided to enjoy the company he was being given.

"What's your plan Cass?"
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