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Her hands were raised in a placating gesture, she didn't mean Sandra any harm. In all honestly the girl already seemed to be hurt. Unfortunately Kimiko had not way to communicate with Sandra beyond basic gestures. The question Sandra asked did give her pause for thought.

What did she want?

Sandra had backed up against the wall. Kimiko herself stayed where she was, she felt so calm yet had no idea why. She didn't know what she wanted. She was unable to talk to Sandra, and the other girl was distressed.

Her eyes passed over the scene in front of her, a pot lid lay in front of Sandra, it must have been her weapon. Kimiko had something equally useless, a megaphone. It was a cruel joke. She was trying not to think about it though. She planned on figuring out a use for it, until then it was carefully stored in her bag. As for what she was going to do Kimiko didn't know. She gave Sandra the most honest answer she could, tapping her colour twice with her left hand and shrugging.

Mind racing with ideas of what to do Kimiko slowly lent against the wall and waited for Sandra's response.
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