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Dorothy could hear her mother say, "Don't worry let it all out." She could hear the microwave buzzing while she was making a hot chocolate. She could feel the warmth of her mother's delicate hand on her shoulder.

But she didn't hear her mother's voice.

She snapped back to reality, she was on an island with her friends with weapons because of a bunch of psycho terrorists.

However, her first encounter was a friendly one. She knew who it was the second the person spoke. The morbid sense of humor gave it away.

"Asha...?" Dorothy turned around and yelled, "Asha! Oh my god, thank you so much! I knew I could always count on you!"

Okay, maybe that last part was exaggerated but truly, it wasn't a big deal on the island. She had worse problem.

She lunged toward Asha, aiming for the legs. Her prey was surprised and she didn't stand a chance. She should have run when she had the chance, it was too late for the goth ballet dancer.

She gave her a nice, big hug.

"I'm so happy to have you around!"
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