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He was still in pain.

And that was how Jordan Green knew he was still alive.

You weren't supposed to feel pain when you were dreaming. So that meant that he was probably awake too.

He felt a little better now. Not much, but he would take every inch that he was given right now. He was still in pain and the queasiness refused to go away, but he wasn't two steps away from doing something stupid anymore. It was much more like three steps now.

There were footsteps not too far away, and Jordan got up almost instinctively as soon as he realised that there was another person about.

He probably shouldn't have. He had puked not long before, but the sight of Hazel retching was almost enough for him to do so again.

He knew Hazel well enough. She wasn't exactly the kind of person he'd really enjoyed hanging around with, but he had seen her perform on stage so many times. The girl who had once dazzled the stage now looked like she had weathered a hurricane, her mascara streaking down her face and her hair in a mess. Jordan realised that he probably looked like a disaster too, wiping his face with his hand again.

He didn't know what the heck he was supposed to say to Hazel. What was he supposed to do? Was he supposed to comfort her? Make some dumb comment to lighten the mood? He wasn't good at either of those things, and he wasn't sure if now was the best time for him to learn.

"Hazel." Jordan wasn't even sure what tone he was trying to convey anymore. "Hazel. Are you okay?"
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