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(Lizzie Luz continued from Those Who Play The Most Dangerous Game)

So. No weapons. Nothing but her duffel bag, heavy enough all on its own. Walk on, your powerful legs carrying you on forever. She could walk indefinitely, go where she willed. As long as she stuck to this island. As long as she wore this collar.

There was a part of her that regretted abandoning the sword. There was a part of her that regretted abandoning the people.

So she wandered, headed down the cliffs, crossed a bridge and made her way towards a large building. The man-made paths were all thick with weeds, nature slowly creeping back where man had once displaced it. Truth be told, she kept walking, kept looking, less to find her fellow students and more because this place looked like the exact kinda thing she would have wanted to see and explore. Old habits die hard, right?

Would she?

She shivered, and this time she didn't feel quite like laughing. That clifftop conversation had drained her. She didn't understand...

People couldn't really be thinking like that. Could they? Had Alex and Tara meant it? Would anyone else...

She found a large window broken by a fallen tree. Without thinking, she hopped atop the trunk and clambered along, slipped through the window and crunched down atop broken glass. She winced at the sound, but when no one responded she kept moving through the large building.

She came to a stop when she heard voices. Her heart leapt into her throat, and her skin crawled.
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