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"Waiting it out, sounds like a good plan...", he took a break to take a deep breath.

Living more days sounds like a good thing. They were like 100 students. If theoretically they would just kill 1 person per day, they would have 100 days. Not that this would be realistic, but that was worth a thought. Waiting it out.

"I do not know, Clarice. There probably are a lot of islands in the world. The ocean is-"


A girl came. Isabel. She was not a nice person. But Conrad could handle that.

He did not know what to do with his halberd he held. Drop it, to show friendliness? Raising it to show power? No, not raising it. Clarice would be pissed if he threatened Isabel. He chose to lower the halberd. But not to drop it, after all he needed to be able to protect them.

Well, she could have a gun. Then, even using the halberd would be useless. And then it would be over for Clarice and Conrad. No life for them anymore.


Conrad nervously awaited her reply.
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