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“Yeah, I'll bet,” Danny replied to Jeremy's mention of not being the subject of most of those jokes. Of course he wouldn't be, Jeremy was a plain white dude, far as Danny could tell. Much harder to grasp for offensive jokes there. “But this is totally Bradley's thing. Big, yeah, but… maybe he had accomplices. Y'know, like, um… someone. Who's on Bradley's level of, uh… y'know?” Danny said timidly. He didn't want to outright call Bradley's jokes inappropriate, but they totally were. Sometimes they were kinda funny, but sometimes it was like 'Bradley, could you maybe chill?'

Upon Irene's royal command, Danny uneasily saluted her and lowered his hands. “Yes, your royal, uh… queenliness? Queenship?” Queenship worked. There were worse queens than Irene. Danny recalled having a crush on her way back when. He couldn't really recall why. He'd had crushes for a lot of reasons. He just remembered getting rejected, moping a little and getting over it.

Jeremy put his gun away pretty fast, which made Danny a lot more comfortable. But Irene still had hers out, and hers was… bigger. Really, he was kind of impressed the guns varied. And they looked so real.

Yeah, this was… this was too elaborate. Maybe it wasn't Bradley. Maybe it was a super elaborate game show that would be cancelled immediately because of how poor taste it was. Wait, that literally was what the real Survival of the Fittest was, apart from the big about getting cancelled. Game show where the only prize was living if you made it to 1st place.

Okay, there was no way to tell this from the real thing, as far as he knew. (Again, Mr. Graham flitted through his head, but he shook that off. That could be faked.)

The only thing that really couldn't be faked was bullets. That'd just be irresponsible for a prank.

“Okay, okay, so… I got it. Y'know how we prove this is fake?” He gestured at the other two, and the gun that Irene was still holding. “Just, y'know, aim at something far off. And non-living. It'll do the, y'know… fake noise or whatever. No damage. And then we can go and… I don't know, there's probably, like...”

Danny trailed off for a moment, looking around.

“...Where are we, again?”
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