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Sheesh. Jeremy was loud all of a sudden.

Really was another school day, just one awkwardly situated on the beach that didn't exist in Kingman. Next thing Bradley would burst in and make an unwelcome yet painfully funny joke or Darius would get his other gaming devices stolen. Hm. Sounded like good follow up for the day after this one. Irene stored it away into her mental to-do list, just fast enough to promptly lose it again. She'd be dredging it up to forget again when it was relevant.

Wait! Irene recognized that face under the globules of dripping fern and grass. Figures she'd also be stereotypical failing the whole facial and vocal recognition thing. In her defense, there had been a bunch of stuff in the way. Some of that stuff was busy splattering over sand now, so Irene knew, and promptly felt a bit of heat rise to her cheeks in spite of herself.

Danny Brooks. He was cute, in a different connotation of the word cute where the hormones got all jumpy and persnickety and tried to signal biological pathways that screamed 'release the ovum' louder than Poseidon had ever dared call for his minions. Man, this one was a blast from the past that punched her in the gut hard enough to distract from the crick on her spine where she'd been laid on a rocky beach for what felt like hours. Danny had hit on her a few times back when she'd still not known the Cochise halls like the back of her hand. Uh, implying she knew them now. Anyways, she'd promptly rejected him, though not really on purpose. Vocal chords did weird things under duress, they were brittle.

"Doesn't seem like Bradley's kinda deal. There would be more inappropriately scantly clad girls if it were his doing."

Like that. Vocal chords did things like that.

Everyone was staring at the guns. Putting hands up in the air. Wasn't even a sweet tune to get those palms facing skyward for. Irene rolled her eyes, and suddenly was smacking the unyielding steel broadside of her assigned prop like it was the posterior she was supposed to be hauling. Flesh on metal sounded so weird. Like someone was overclocking a computer, but wetter. She continued to wear a healthy bit of blush, made itchy by the ocean breeze, as she insisted with all the whiny charisma she could fail to muster:

"Guns are fake. Dunno what the two of you are on, unless we wanna just pretend any of this is actually real in which case I'd rather pretend I was a princess and y'all were my subjects, thanks and thank you. First royal edict, get those hands down and stuff." Irene glanced away a bit nervously as she tried to command Danny, her lips suddenly a bit pressed together. Clang clang clang went her gun. And whatever heavy thing was bouncing around in her head.
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