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((Amanda Tan continued from Guns, Gerns, and Rust))

Was she being rash? Yes.

Was she being dumb? Yes.

Was she cold and wet and not trying to think to hard about what she was doing? Also yes.

The noise had startled her, sounding like a tower of the junk inside the laboratory had toppled behind her. Was that her doing? Or was there someone else in there, someone she had missed.
Either could have been the case, and she wanted to be sure.

But what was she supposed to do? Just barge back into the room?

"Hi! I'm here with a rifle and I'm totally friendly!" Yeah, that was going to work so well. But she was probably going to go back in anyway.

The space outside the laboratory had been scarcely better than the inside. It was air still felt like it had been left there for a million years to fester and the piles of objects within the corridor looked precarious but it had offered her one thing she needed, light.

She had searched through her bag earlier, looking for what looked the most useful. Torch. Food. First aid. Weapon Manual.

The booklets had been useful enough, easy enough to understand and brief enough for her to spend only a couple minutes on each of them. They had obviously wanted them to know how to use the guns. Rifles turned out to be more complex than she had expected, heavier as well, but with the manual it didn't take too long to get a rudimentary understanding of what she was supposed to do with a gun. Rudimentary probably wasn't going to help her if whoever inside was ready to be violent though.

But there was nothing to do but enter now, and she opened the door quietly, holding on to the rifle tightly in case something went wrong.

"Hello? Who's in there?" she asked quietly.
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