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Scarlett had been surprised when she saw the girl at first and she let out a sigh of relief as the girl was heading towards a boy who was asking for help. It seemed like someone was trapped. That was a scary thing to happen to someone. Maybe she should go over and help them out. It was better for her to at least have some friends than to make enemies. She knew that.

She was hesitant to move from the door as she hear someone's footsteps. She tightened her grip around her bag and she bit her lip. She knew that she shouldn't get paranoid but she couldn't help it. They were in a crappy situation and she knew that sooner or later people would stab each other in the back to survive and go back home. Scarlett didn't want to think about that. She wanted to be positive and hopeful. But it was hard to be.

Scarlett forced herself to smile when she finally moved and the door creaked as it closed behind her. It made her jump and her heart was beating faster. She had to stay calm. She didn't want to freak out more.

Scarlett started to approach the others and she hoped that she wasn't making a mistake. If she was about to see anything bad happen.... Then she would possibly try to get away. That would be the best option for her to do.
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