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2 people having to kill each other means that each one has a 50% chance of being the one surviving. However. With around 100 people...chances are so slim for an Alessio.


It's like having 100 drinks and you have to drink one. One is safe the other 99 are poisoned.

Stop thinking.

About death.

This scenario would have already screwed him over theoretically. Practically, it is not better.

How can he act in a way that is not morally the worst option? Is his life more worth than the life of others? He won't see others to be happy, when he's dead.

Alessio didn't want Vanessa to die, but didn't want to die either. Or anyone else for that matter. This is a lose-lose situation in all outcomes. If he survived, he’d lose. If he died, he’d lose.

I'm dead.

Why should he stand up? Why should he try to survive, if that would mean that other people have to die? Why should he stand up just to be killed by someone in a couple of moments?

But why should he lie down and wait for someone to kill him? Thinking about that he is going to die is not going to help.

Stop thinking, just keep lying on the floor and think about more pleasant thoughts.

But his thoughts were interrupted by steps and a voice. Serena. A friend. He liked her. But under this circumstance he did not want to hear her voice.

He did not want to hear anybody's voice.

He wanted to think about something else, something distracting, something pleasant. But nothing could be found.

This situation did not let him think about anything else.
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