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“Well, they have it their way and winning and not dying will be the same thing,” Clarice said grumpily. Her anger was quickly cooling again. She had to believe Conrad had just said that without really thinking. He wasn't going to kill anyone. Fuck, she had better taste in men than ones who started murdering the moment the option came up.

Her frustration increased again once Conrad started trying to talk to the cameras once more. The terrorists were probably laughing at them, and fuck if she wanted to give them anything else to grin over.

“They're not gonna listen! Cameras ain't gonna do shit!” Clarice snapped.

She pressed her face back against the fence. Really, it wasn't as if everything Conrad had said was completely stupid. It wasn't so much 'outlasting' that she had an issue with. It was outlasting at the expense of everyone else.

“Maybe there is some way to wait this out as a whole. Not until we're the last two, but… if we find everyone left who's not going to be an idiot and… fuck, I don't know. Maybe there's some way we can wait until help comes. I mean, it won't be like the last time this happened, right? People will know when our bus doesn't come back that… that… y'know?”

It was a long shot, but it was better than playing. It was better than going along with their shit. And if they gathered everyone, and unanimously agreed to lay down arms…

Well, the terrorists would probably kill them. It wasn't an idea that appealed to Clarice, either. She wasn't big on being martyrs if it could be avoided. But it was a start. It was better than killing each other. Better than letting this game run like it always had. Like it always would if everyone always fell into the same trap.

“How many abandoned islands can there be?” she muttered under her breath. Someone had to be looking. Maybe if they found a way to make this game run longer. But they couldn't do that unless everyone was on the same page.
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