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Clarice had never been that angry at him. He had seen her angry, but not towards him. Or rather that serious. He was baffled. He had no idea how to reply to her. He could not repeat his idea, or support it anymore. That would not be a good idea. To Clarice, the idea of his was not a concept she could agree with.

"Sorry, my bad," he said calmly, looking down on the ground. It was a stupid idea. Dumb. There were flaws. That one of them has to die. That was the problem. The one person as a winner rule. He looked back up.

"Hey, I would not kill you either. Or anyone. But to be fair, it is not about winning. It is about not dying. You know?"

Conrad wasn't sure if that what he had said made sense, but it did not have to. He was extremely nervous and he could not think clearly under that much pressure.

He should try to find a way to make Clarice not think he was someone who wanted to kill people, turning back from Clarice, to the cam again.

"Danya. Why do you do this, Danya? Other terro-", Conrad shouldn't use the word 'terrorist'. It had too many negative associations. Perhaps the terrorists did not perceive themselves as terrorist, but as the good guys. "People, who support Danya. Why do you do this? Why do you support him and this game? You are all free people, you can choose to not follow his orders."

Conrad doubted that this suggestion would let Danya to be overthrown by his underlings, but hopefully, it would resolve Clarice being mad at him. Maybe she will trust him again. That is what Clarice wanted, right? Not following the terrorists, breaking the system.

It was such a hopeless plan.
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