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((Boy 009, Alessio Rigano, Start))

Alessio Rigano woke up. He stretched his arms, to make the weird feeling he had, caused by the drugs, go away, but then he recalled everything.

He remembered what had happened. Realisation was terrible. Mr. Graham. The intimidating strangers who they did not know and who did not know them, who just chose to take a class to kill.

SOTF. Danya. Terrorism. Red Flame Rising. Lots of victims. This time it was them. The students of Cochise High, missing, declared dead, the news will be reporting, the people will be shocked, their parents will be mourning them. He will never see his parents again. He will never see his cats again. He never could speak, see or hear Vanessa again.

Alessio, a failure in interacting with Vanessa, a socialising failure. Just went to a trip to get closer to Vanessa and other people he had admired. Friends. He just wanted to.

He eyed his surroundings. The light hurt. He was lying on a wooden floor, looking at the glass roof. Books. Shelves. He was in a library. He had an comfortable hoodie, but he felt extremely cold. As if he was sick.

Heartbeat. The beat was high, it was kicking. If Alessio wouldn't die from a heart attack, it'd be a surprise. No one else could hear his heartbeat, it's just an internal sound, right? Because otherwise he'd attract everybody around.

The heartbeat was not something Al wanted to think about. It could stop. Just let it end, let it go away. 0 BPM.

He could, could. Could stand up, meet people.

And see them dying or kill them or let them kill him.

Alternatively, he could just lay here.

So Al lied there. Tears flowed out, he closed his eyes, ignoring the noises created by the mormon's destruction that happened some meters away from him. He wanted to sleep again.
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