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She expected him to just spell it out. She wouldn’t have minded that. He had a nice voice, she would have liked the excuse to listen to it a little bit more.

But instead, he did something even better. Jasmine had to hide her surprise as he decided to come closer and show her the spelling himself. The surprise was of the pleasant kind, obviously, but it was still something she had to hide. If she acted weirdly in front of him then he might think she was weird and he’d try to get away from her and god knew she didn’t want that. So she tried to keep still. Not like, still still, that would also look weird and do the opposite of what she intended to do, but fairly unmoving and casual. Like Min-Jae was one of her friends. Well, not acting as if she and Min-Jae were sudddenly friends but more like she wouldn’t act so awkward around him.

She resisted the urge to sigh. If you wrote an essay on why the feeling of love was actively detrimental she was pretty sure you could use her as the perfect case study.

But still, she had a job to do, and although the incredibly handsome goth guy was standing right next to her she still had to input the name of the author into the system. For both his and her job’s sake. She put the letters in slightly quickly, not really skimming the words because of how complicated the name was but still doing it at a good enough pace.

She would freely admit that she checked him out a little while she did this, though. Not to him, or to anyone really, but she felt just that little bit better whenever she did it and she was not going to hide that from herself.

She entered the name in, and one result came up.

“Yeah, it seems that there’s one book in the non-fiction section. It’s called We Should All Be Feminists.”

He had pretty odd taste, but she wasn’t going to complain about that. She looked up.

“Does that help?”
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