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She hadn't even moved since waking up. All she'd done was cry into the floor, waiting to die, waiting for someone to open the door, run forward, and stab her in the neck or something. And then she'd bleed out in this room, or wherever she was, and leave this hellish place behind.

Along with everything from her old life. If she died here, there was no way she'd ever see her parents again. Never graduate from Cochise, never get that fabled university degree she'd always aimed for and never move out of Kingman. She'd never have a family, never get married, never spend the rest of her life with Will-

But then it hit her. Both of them getting out of this alive was impossible. It was one or the other. Even if she did manage to survive this by some miracle of fate, it would be at the cost of the one person that mattered most to her. One of them had to die to let the other one live. That was for certain. And that was the thought that kept her sobbing on the floor of an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, waiting to die.

Then she heard the creak of the door open. Someone was entering the room. Probably about to kill her. End it all, before it even began.

"Just.... Please don't... Please don't kill me..."

She could barely manage speech in this state.
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