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Junko tilted her head to the side.

An escape? That seemed like a joke. And a particularly cruel one, too. Hahaha. Darius, you’re funny. Really. She felt edges of her mouth tighten a bit. Was this really the time to be joking? Well, okay, she’d probably make a joke about all this bullshit too. But escaping? That was low.

Junko’s eyes narrowed. Darius was a lot of things. But would escaping be something he’d joke about? He said it like he knew a way off, too. Did he? Was it really that simple?

“Are you joking? Because that’s a shitty thing to joke about. Honest.”

She looked him over. Well, despite her first impression he was holding something, but she wasn’t sure what. He seemed scared, but for all she knew he could be calm enough to crack a joke like that. But the image of Graham was still burned into her memory. How could he think of a joke like that? Who responds with being abducted by the SOTF people by making a joke about escaping? Junko was all for humor, especially when shit has hit the fan, but… escaping. Really.

Maybe he did know something. She was going to wait to see what he said. But just in case, her fingers tightened around the bat.

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