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Will's hand was on the door handle, feet hovering over the shag carpet. He had to find a proper weapon somewhere, because he had gotten fucked over with the weapons. All he had gotten was a packet of cable ties, which currently were scattered outside, the window having been the preferred method of ditching them. A few were in his pocket, but the rest were the domain of whoever stumbled across them.

He appeared to be in an office area. A corridor lead down, with name inscribed on each door. The rooms all seemed to be identical in construction, two separate rooms with one having a desk and what you'd normally expect from an office building, and the other having a bed, for whatever bizarre reason.

He rubbed his neck, the metal collar that had been wrapped around it had dug into the back of his head, which was what he had mistaken for a crick when he had first awoken. Carefully, he walked along, occasionally opening a door and peering inside; perhaps a staff member was a fan of lethal weaponry, or maybe someone was inside. He didn't know what morbid curiosity drove him checking on.

Finally, he was about to open the flast door, when he became aware of a sobbing noise. He would put money on the fact that this voice wasn't the only one bawling like a child, and whilst part of him felt that joining them, he knew the tears wouldn't come.

Not because he was a sociopath, or unable to feel emotion, no, he wouldn't be able to cry because the most incredible sense of numbness had spread across him, and he was having a hard time thinking anything other than 'step forwards,' over and over again in his head.

He gently pushed the door open, hearing the faint creak as the un-oiled hinges swung inwards. There were two large bookshelves flanking the desk, and a small pot of random junk that had been abandoned whenever this facility had been deemed no longer needed. The pot was made from some kind of ceramic, so he gently smashed it open and picked up a shard. It wasn't much, especially if somebody had a gun, but it was all he was going to have for now.
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