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It was Junko, right in front of him. With a bat, ready to hit him, if she wanted.

Well, he’d be fucked, if she wanted to hit him with it. But when he listened to her voice and words, he could be sure that..nothing. It was not certain that she was friendly, even if her voice seemed so. Even when she worded her words to be friendly and not hostile - if she was hostile, she would have done the same.

“Junko, hey”, he said calmly while slowly approaching the japanese girl. His hand holding the chisel and bag were not raised and if Darius’ arms were ten times longer, they’d have brushed the floor.

What now? No fucking way that they would start to fight now. That all of the puppets would do as the gamemasters say. Besides, chisel vs. baseball bat? Nevermind that, JUNKO vs. Darius? No way, dude.

“I know...have an idea how to get out of this place. Wanna join me? A group would be useful.”

Yeah, that sounded trustworthy. It implied that he would not be a person who would kill others to win. Create a group. Yeah, good rhetorics.

Not only good rhetorics, but a good plan as well. Darius could outwit the gasmask men. He wants to, he could. He was Darius Van Dyke. She was Junko Kurosawa. His class was from Cochise High, which actually is pretty much a shithole and has a high percentage of garbage students, but there were smart people out there on the island. People that could be a good helping hand.

I mean, what are the chances of dumb terrorists with technological gadgets like explosive collars against brains like the ones of Darius Van Dyke? Brains > Brawns.

1. Form a group, 2. get rid of the collars, 3. get the fuck out of the arena 4. come home

Darius was optimistic.

Hahaha, no he fucking wasn’t, everyone’s going to die. Everybody will die a terrible death in here, no peaceful one you’d get in the real world. No, a fucking terrible one where you get brutally murdered. The terrorists had done this shit for ten years. And while the chance of there being a loophole Darius could find were there, it was unlikely.

However, the first 2 steps seemed like a logical, non-risky thing. If it doesn’t end up killing him, it was maybe worth a shot. Yeah, groups are safe, no matter whether they’d escape or not. And collars...collars aren’t impossible to break. They had a motherfucking robotics club in Cochise. Science and shit.

He had to study the collars. They are explosive, so shooting them is a no-no. There might be other ways. Cutting them or deactivate them in some way. But studying them will be hard, considering that literally his time is running out. He has a time limit. Darius now imagined his lifespan to be count down just as in Death Note. It can be shortened, if he did the wrong moves. But, his goal will be to extend his deadline.
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