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[[Jane Madison - G054: Start]]

Shit. Shit, shit and more shit, that was all she could think about. Almost hilariously inappropriate, given she was currently in a place that looked like it was at least trying to be pleasing to the eye. Yeah, no thanks. She'd been out hiking through the wilderness more times than she could, this place was looking way worse, not even wild in an enjoyable way. Not esthetic, not at all. Goddamn it, what was she even doing, thinking about unimportant shit like that? She was in the middle of nowhere, no one by her fucking side and for all she knew, some psycho with an axe or anything could come around a corner and end her any second. Fuck.

Jane took her head in both her hands, covering her face. She groaned, from exhaustion, from desperation and pain - yeah, wherever she had been lying, it had been pure cancer for her limbs. Just fucking perfect.

All of a sudden, an overwhelming feeling washed over her, like she was only now really realizing what that whole situation meant for her. Death, she was going to fucking die. Fucking killed or be killed, that was how it went, what that fucking assface of a man had told them on the bus. He could choke on a bloody turd of his own making for all she cared. Just, fuck.

She didn't feel like crying. She had gotten sort of close just now, but only close, nothing more. She was angry more than anything. Yeah, scared too, but anger really just felt so much better than that. Still didn't feel good or anything, but it just made her feel less helpless.

Talking of helpless, who the fuck had even packed her bag? Whiskey, freaking seriously? Like, she could have appreciated it in literally any other situation, especially seeing how that booze was looking like it was worth a bit more than just ordinary whiskey, what with the vintage look and all. Still, it was useless to her now. Could take a sip to calm her down. No, that was a really shitty idea.

Jane was still sitting in the middle of a path of dirt and some undergrowth. Yeah, sitting, she hadn't bothered getting up yet. But maybe she should. Staying there wasn't gonna help her out in any way. She could eat some of those rations in her bag, but no, too early. Wasn't even goddamn hungry, not like she was one of those anxiety eaters. Ugh, getting herself going really was the best she could do.

She got to her feet, tightly holding onto her bag and a grim expression on her face. Had to go and find someone, some other poor fucking soul who was with her in all of this. Shouldn't have been too hard, at least she hoped so.

Wait, was that some noise coming from somewhere near? Thought it was a bird or something at once, but no, no fucking bird sounded like that, maybe except a frickin' parrot.

Noises, a voice even. In other words, someone was there. She already knew what she was going to do, didn't even have a doubt in her mind for one second. Starting to walk towards where whomever she had heard was being, or where she thought they were being, Jane raised her voice to calll out for them, let them know she was here as well.

"Hey! Hey, if anyone's there, don't run away!"
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