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Rorick Skyve
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Yup, whatever the fuck was going down, it was going down further down that poorly lit way he was going - yippie. Not like he would have wanted to get out of this hellhole fast, get some fresh air and clear his head. Instead, he had to deal with some peeps apparently not getting this wasn't real, panicking or some shit.

Closer he came, the louder the voices became - like, duh, obviously that was gonna happen. Still couldn't make out what they were saying though. Definitely sounded like a dude though - no wait, more than one voice, they didn't sound the same. Sausage fest going on back there? Well, didn't mind if he joined.

He continued jogging down the hallway, though at a slower pace, passing another rusted gate in the process. Damn, that place really was a dump. Wondered where he was, island his ass, they weren't getting to him with that, no way on the subway. Prolly just some old barrack or something, in some slum area somewhere. Almost expected to run into a gang of hobos any second now. Though they had prolly taken care of that beforehand, given them a nickel and send them to a coffee shop or some shit.

He was getting real close now, could hear them more clearly. One voice was a bit lower than the other, belonged to a dude, no doubt about that anymore, but like, muffled or something. Prolly not cuz the guy had a paper bag over his head or some shit, though that woulda been kinda hilarious, really. Aiden was kinda surprised at himself, with him still feeling all willy nilly and stuff - well, not really, but he just wasn't buying all this, so he'd try and have a little fun at least, make the best outta this shitty fucking joke of a prank.

Alright, alright, almost there. End of the hallway looked like he was running into a dead end at first, but nah, there were turns for him to take, cut the corner and shit. Prolly not too hard figuring out where the other broskis were, just follow his instinct and like, the sound. Easy peasy.

Finally, he reached the other side of the corridor, now faced with the choice of going left or right. Shouting from the left. Problem solved. Sounded like they were doing a counter or something - yeah, counting down, so they were. What was that now? Eh, whatevs, he'd find out any second now.

Letting out a small sigh, he started jogging towards the now very audible source of the voices. Yeah, time to see what all the fuzz was about.
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