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Maxim still didn't budge an inch, continuing to stand in the doorframe with one leg in the room and his head poking into the room. Whatever it was that girl was doing, she was still facing the other direction, looking up at the wall. Was she talking to herself? If so, that could imply a great many things, could mean she was trying to comfort herself, cope with the situation or she had potentially gone mad and started to soliloquize. The latter seemed a bit farfetched, but who could know? He'd keep watching her in any case, it was too early to let his own presence be known. Then again, all she had to do was turn around and she'd probably spot him.

Just then, the tension in the air was cut clear in half by yet another sound, but far less subtle than the muffled voices from earlier - a loud smashing noise, like glass shattering, coming from not all too far away. It was more than sufficient to make Maxim jump where he was standing, almost making his head collide with the door as he twitched in momentary fear.

Something had happened not too far away from him, something that clearly indicated the use of violence. What if there was fighting taking place or had just been finished? Either way, it meant someone with less than well-meaning intentions was near had maybe decided to go on a killing spree, because goddamn, anything was possible. There were two options he had, no, three options. The third one obviously being the choice of doing absolutely nothing and becoming frozen in place - clearly not what he was going to do.

No, he could either fully go into the room, risk being spotted by this girl he did not know, but potentially evade someone far more dangerous or he could turn around and keep walking down the hallway, hope to get away from any source of danger here before it reached him. Both had their merits and downsides.

Though approaching this from a logical standpoint, he quickly decided entering the room was the favorable choice. Yes, he had no idea what that girl was going to do, but at least, she looked like someone he could have fought off if he tried, with his sheer bulk alone. Of course, there was also the possibility that she was carrying a weapon far more capable of ending his life, but that was speculation and a risk he was willing to take.

He breathed in deeply, fully slipped into the room and closed the door behind him, as silently as his shaking fingers allowed him to.

When he turned to face the girl again, he noticed her turning as well. He recognized her, had seen her before - of course he had, they were fellow students, after all - but couldn't recall speaking to her, other than some long past casual exchange maybe. Either way, she was going to see him as well now, fine. Whatever she'd do, he wasn't going to -

Huh, that was weird. She had looked directly at him just now and somehow, her expression hadn't changed nor had anything about he indicated that she had taken note of him. Maybe she had tears in her eyes and couldn't see properly, since she had clearly been crying, judging from the condition of her face. No, that didn't seem right. Maxim remained standing where he was and then he realized the nature of the room.

A one-way mirror. Of course, how had he not noticed before, this was one of those rooms he could look into, while person inside couldn't see him on the other side of the glass. Now what certainly was convenient.

The girl approached another wall, no, not a wall, there was another door in that room he hadn't noticed before. It was probably one leading to the corridor he had just gone through, through a door a few steps further down the hall. What was she doing, was she not scared of whoever had caused the noises? Ah, she wasn't exiting the room. Just positioned herself next to the door. Maybe she wanted to set a trap for whoever entered?

Too many possibilities, too many possible scenarios in which he, Maxim, was screwed, to put it simply. Again, he couldn't risk letting his presence be known yet. He simply stood and watched in silence.
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