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That was frighteningly close. Even though they hadn't exactly tried to hide their presence, Travis hadn't noticed Cass until they had spoken up. Having been on the receiving end of that scenario more than often enough, Cass could emphasize.

All it meant was that speaking had been a mistake, though. Cass could have left like a ghost without ever having had disturbed Travis, but instead they had almost scared the poor boy straight off the edge of the building. Cass hadn't been awake for ten minutes and they had already almost killed a man through sheer carelessness. Stupid. Unforgivable.

He didn't seem to mind so much, though. "Sorry about that," Cass said, awkwardly rubbing the back of their neck. Now that they had a clear look at Travis's face, he still didn't ring a bell. A schoolmate, obviously, but he meant nothing more. He seemed to be inviting Cass to stay, strangely enough.

They almost refused based just on instinct, every inch of their body screaming for them to just leave, now, don't make things worse, don't presume that you matter to someone you've never met before. Just keep walking. Just stop thinking.

What happened after that, though? Would Cass run from everyone they saw for the rest of their pitiful existence? Spend the rest of their life walking blindly until they finally stumbled from the top of a treacherous cliff and saved everyone the effort of finishing them off? There was no future, there.

So Cass forced themselves to stay. Forced themselves to carefully settle down next to Travis, making sure not to jostle him and avoid slipping, themself. They watched the sunrise together. Cass nodded at his comment. "Yeah. Wish I could paint this." The terrorists had taken Cass's sketchpad. A minor offense in the grand scheme of things, but it somehow stung the most. Maybe everything else was still too big to register clearly.

Silence, for a while. Cass was never typically one to break it, but right now, it felt like the only thing to do. "I'm Cass, by the way."
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