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((Harold Porter is filled with Determination))

"Didn't think you were the type to piss yourself, Ty," Harold called from the doorway.

It was obvious what he had actually done, of course, and was one of the only proper responses to Danya's propaganda. Harold had discarded his immediately, though it lacked Ty's visceral flair. Still, friendly insults were a key part of the wrestlebro experience, and talking like nothing had changed was just another subtle way to fight back against Evil.

The asylum was hard to miss. It had drawn Harold's eye as soon as he had seen it in the map, and the building proper had been equally impressive. Rotted through as it was, it still had a certain dignity about it had compelled Harold to investigate. After all, it had likely had the same effect on everyone else who saw it, making a good place to find people, for better or worse. Thankfully, "better" had won out in the end.

Though he hadn't actively been looking for them, Harold knew that out of all the students on the island, he could trust any of the other members of the wrestling team. He hadn't expected to find one so soon, but he supposed something had to go right eventually, even on such a horrific day. Ty especially was one of the toughest members on the team.

"Seriously, though. It's good to see you, man." If only it had been under happier circumstances.
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