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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((G011: Caedyn Miller DEBUT))

The first thing she noticed when she woke up was the smell. It got to her before the realization of where she was, why she was here, even caught up. All she knew was that she was awake, and the smell was permeating her nose. She rose with a look of confused disgust on her face, trying to shake away the cobwebs and figure out where it was coming from so she could get away from it.

After the smell came the feeling, cold and crusty along her legs. Her disgusted look twisted into horror as she realized the smell was coming from her, that she had, that it was...oh god. Oh fucking god. Mr. Graham. The footage. The speech. It was all too much, she'd been crying, and screaming, and then...

She'd seen it too clearly. You expected blood, you knew there would be blood, but it wasn't just the blood, there were chunks, she could have sworn she'd seen chunks and she could still smell the blood over the shit even though that was impossible, it was too far away, she was too far away but she could still smell it and and and-

Her body knew what was happening before her mind did. She doubled over and hurled so hard it made her body spasm. Most of it made it onto the overgrowth below her, but in her retching she managed to splatter plenty along her sarong and into the tips of her dreads. Some of it was still running down her face, dripping down over her top and she couldn't care because even right over that puddle of bile the smell still wouldn't leave her nose.

Caedyn collapsed back on the ground across from the pool and curled up in the dirt. In the background, she could faintly hear a voice singing...or maybe she was just going crazy. Maybe this was just a delusion, or at least a dream. Either way, she squeezed herself together tighter and began to sob.
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