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It was when the knocking reached her ears that Sandra realized that she wasn't alone. Of course she hadn't. Of course there had been someone else around the corner, in another room. And of course they were behind her, because just to put a cherry on top of this shit sundae, of course Sandra would be stupid enough to keep back turned toward the entrance.

"Who the f-" she said, whirling around to see Kimiko standing there. Sandra didn't know Kimiko that well.

She knew that she was mute.

"What do you..." she started, before stopping to clear the tears from her face, "What do you want?"

Sandra had unconsciously backed up against the wall at this point. The red mark from where she'd been smacked was very visible on her forehead.

Her instincts screamed at her to run, that she had no idea what Kimiko wanted to do to her at this moment. She was slightly panicking, stuck in this situation. Maybe it was needless panic, but she was currently too paranoid to realize that.
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