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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Y'know, in the back of his mind he always wondered if he'd end up somewhere like this. Just never under these circumstances.

((B016: Ty Yazzie Game GO))

Really made a certain kinda sense when you thought about it. Marcus was a bit of a drinker, and he got it from Beans, who came by it honest from the old man. With how much Ty'd picked up from the old man over the years, he gave himself even odds of ending up in the bottle somewhere. Left to his own devices, at least. It was the kinda cheeky, bullshit thought he had when part of him liked to get sentimental and think of them as a real, if fucked up, family.

Hell. Last thing he did with Beans was drink a beer. Probably said somethin'.

So here he was, sitting in a circle of chairs, waiting for his turn to share. 'cept there wasn't anybody around to chat him up about their problems. The only folks around who could here him where sitting god knows where behind a desk somewhere. Fuck, what an awful job being a desk jockey for this had to be. Everybody panicking and freaking out all over the place like they've probably seen about a million times at this point, or even worse the ones like him, slowly taking inventory and reading up on the supplied material.

Yeah, that'd caught his eye more than the big ol' sword. "Survival Guide." He was a lot more interested in surviving than killing, and maybe they'd put in some tidbits about fresh water. Shelter. Anything that would help ride this thing out. Instead, he found a lotta horseshit that didn't seem worth paying attention to, he'd picked up the gist when they'd murdered Mr. Graham. They were damn crazy, every last one of 'em, and anything he read in there was just going to confirm that. Loony bastards wanted him to get scared, or mad, or whatever would get him in the mood to get jumpy and play along.

He folded the guide back up and hopped up out of the chair, making his way to the center of the ring. His gaze flicked to the only camera he'd manage to spy so far and he gave it a brief nod. A few sounds followed in quick succession.

The guide rustling as it hit the ground.

His zipper squealing as he pulled it down.

His piss hitting the paper and soaking through to the surrounding floor.

A satisfied grunt as he zipped back up and flipped off the nearest camera.

Ty wasn't anybody's wind-up toy. Plenty had tried to scare him into compliance over the years, and here he was. They were gonna have to try a lot harder than that. A lot fucking harder.

Now if he could just stop shaking and believe it.
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